Antimicrobial Gloves

Deli and Food Service Polyethylene and CPE ANTIMICROBIALPLUS Gloves

Unlike other food service gloves, all varieties of ANTIMICROBIALPLUS Gloves have the powerful antimicrobial agent d2p integrated into the glove material during the manufacturing process, so it won’t wear off.

GloDea® ANTIMICROBIALPLUS gloves are unique antimicrobial food service gloves that protect the hands wearing them and the customers you are serving by preventing cross contamination of over 50 different microorganisms including E-coli, Salmonella, mold, bacteria, algae, mildew, and yeast. They have been scientifically and independently lab tested, to kill pathogens, coming in contact with the glove.

Kill Rate And Test Results

  • All tests conducted by independent, ISO certified laboratories
  • Antibacterial- 99.99999% reduction against S. aureus
  • Antibacterial 99.99999% reduction against E. coli
  • Antifungal-no mold growth after 28-day exposure to a mixture of fungi
  • Anti-Algae- no algae growth after a 21-day exposure to algae

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Deli and Food Service Glove Details

Antimicrobial Gloves

Polyethylene HDPE ANTIMICROBIALPLUS Food Prep Gloves

High-Density Polyethylene, Disposable Antimicrobial Gloves for Food Handling and Serving in the deli or other related applications.

  • Integrated with d2p bacteria-killing agent
  • Kill 99.99999% of pathogens
  • Powder-free, latex-free
  • FDA compliant
  • Bags of 100 and 10 micron Size S, M, L & XL
  • 10,000 per case

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Cast Polyethylene, Disposable Antimicrobial gloves for Food serving, processing, deli where a thicker stronger glove is needed.

  • Integrated with d2p bacteria-killing agent
  • Kills 99.99999% of pathogens
  • Powder-free, latex-free
  • Complies with FDA standards
  • Box of 100, Case 5000 Clear, 30 micron. Size S, M, L & XL

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