Common Myths About Disposable Gloves

Did you know there were myths out there about disposable gloves? Believe it or not, there are. These myths about disposable gloves happen to do a disservice to people and can compromise people’s health.

As a maker of antimicrobial disposable gloves, our team at Antimicrobial Plus, wanted to share with you some common myths out there about disposable gloves and give you the correct information instead.

Facts About Disposables Gloves

Myth: Gloves can protect you throughout an entire usage.
Fact: This myth isn’t entirely false. If a glove rips, yes, the glove is compromised and no longer works properly to protect anyone. With our antimicrobial gloves, the d2p technology gives the gloves a germ-killing power integrated within the material that doesn’t wear off. The d2p remains active for the full life of the glove. However, for most gloves, they will degrade during use as they breakdown and wear.

Myth: Latex gloves are the only gloves that can give people an allergic reaction.
Fact: Many people have latex allergies, but people can also be allergic to chemicals found in nitrile and vinyl gloves. These chemicals, like carbamates or thiazoles, could give a person skin allergy.

Myth: Powder-free gloves mean the gloves are clean.
Fact: When a glove is powder-free, it is treated with chlorination and a wax or polymer coating. With wax and polymer coatings, the gloves are not washed before being packed, so they can have residual chemicals left on them – this means the gloves aren’t “clean.” These chemicals aren’t usually harmful, but they can cause some people to have reactions or sensitivity.

Myth: All disposable gloves are the same.
Fact: Nope! Disposable gloves can be made from different materials such as latex, nitrile, and vinyl. They are all priced differently and work differently. For example, nitrile gloves are known to be more puncture resistant than latex, while latex provides better dexterity.

Myth: Gloves can protect you from any pathogen.
Fact: Gloves provide you a protective barrier, but they are not magic. You must use them properly and wash your hands before and after use. Our antimicrobial gloves are unique gloves that protect the hands wearing them and the customers you are serving by preventing cross contamination of over 50 different microorganisms including mold, bacteria, algae, mildew, and yeast. They have been scientifically and independently lab tested to kill pathogens touching the gloves.

Looking for Disposable Gloves in Jacksonville, Fl?

We hope we cleared up some misconceptions surrounding disposable gloves for you. Whether you’re in the food or medical industry, your employees should be wearing gloves whenever they touch food or a patient.

At Antimicrobial Plus, we sell food service glove sand medical gloves that are antimicrobial. Our antimicrobial gloves provide maximum protection against bacteria and microorganisms. Unlike other antimicrobial gloves, all varieties of our gloves have the powerful antimicrobial agent d2p integrated into the glove material during the manufacturing process, so it won’t wear off.
These gloves are FDA compliant. Our gloves are made of HDPE, CPE, Vinyl or Nitrile for a variety of applications and are latex/allergy free. They come in sizes: S, M, L & XL.

To learn more about these gloves, to request a complimentary pair, or to contact us, please check out our disposable gloves page or call us at 888-400-4937. Antimicrobial Plus Gloves is located in Jacksonville, Fl.

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