How to Properly Use and Wear Gloves in a Food Service Setting

Simply wearing gloves isn’t enough! Yes, gloves are a protective barrier between your hand and whatever you’re touching, but if they are not used correctly, they can easily spread bacteria and germs. Remember the norovirus outbreak at Chipotle last year due to a sick employee? Gloves are not magical. They need to be used properly in order to work.

Things You Must Do for Gloves to Be Effective

When wearing gloves, you must never touch multiple things. If you’re making a sandwich and need to ring up a customer, take the gloves off before touching the register. Then, put a new pair of gloves on when making another order. Gloves should always be changed when you are touching something that isn’t food, whether it’s a door or a person.

Wash! Wash! Wash! A person should wash their hands in between pairs of gloves to reduce the spread of germs. Washing your hands doesn’t rid you of germs and bacteria, but it does reduce the amount on you, which in turn reduces your risk of spreading any germs, viruses, or bacteria you knowingly or unknowingly have. When in doubt, wash your hands – before, during, and after your work. It may be time consuming, but you will be creating an environment with fewer germs in it.

A food worker should also not take his/her gloves off near or over food. The employee should walk away from food. Why? The action of taking the gloves off could accidently spread germs or sweat from the hands. As a precaution, the gloves should be removed away from food.

A food worker should always pay attention to his/her gloves while using them. Gloves rip. It happens. If you spot a rip or hole, take off the gloves immediately, wash your hands, and put on another pair of gloves. Unfortunately, according to a study in Food Safety Magazine, people who wear gloves don’t notice when a glove has a rip in it about 50 percent of the time – this is an example of how easily bacteria or germs can get into the food. If a food worker notices a rip when handling food, the food should be tossed. It’s better to “waste” the food than to feed it to customers and potentially get them sick.

If a food worker doesn’t wash his or her hands, what’s the point of wearing gloves? If a food worker touches endless things with the gloves, what’s the point of wearing gloves? It’s the responsibility of us, as people, to use gloves correctly.

Like stated above, gloves aren’t magical. Yes, they can do a good job of protecting, especially Antimicrobial Plus Gloves, which have been scientifically and independently lab tested, to kill pathogens, coming in contact with the gloves, but they need to be used properly.

Food Service Gloves Available in Jacksonville, Fl

If you are in the food industry, whether it’s a fast food restaurant or school, your employees need to be wearing quality food service gloves to protect themselves and your students/customers from getting ill.

Gloves are great, but remember, but they are not perfect when preventing diseases. Gloves can easily become contaminated, so it’s essential that the person using them washing their hands and uses/removes the gloves properly.

However, AntimicrobialPlus gloves provide maximum protection against bacteria, fungi, algae, and other microorganisms. They kill pathogens they encounter, but they still need to be handled the right way.

These gloves are FDA compliant. To inquire about these gloves email us at antimicrobialplus@glodea.com.

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