The Benefits of Nail Technicians Wearing Disposable Gloves

If you’ve received a pedicure a manicure before, did you notice if your nail technician was wearing gloves? Did it bother you that they weren’t? Does it not concern you? It should! Disposable gloves protect you and the nail technician from many different chemicals and pathogens. More nail salons (and establishments that offer nail services) are ordering and stocking up on protective, disposable gloves. By using gloves, the business is in compliance to U.S. Occupational Health and Safety Administration (OSHA) regulations.

Why Should Nail Technicians Use Disposable Gloves

Gloves are meant for protection – they are to be used to protect both you and the nail technician.

While giving you a manicure or pedicure, nail technicians use a lot of different chemicals. The gloves can help prevent them from the negative side effects of prolonged exposure to these chemicals. For example, over time, without proper protection, these chemicals could cause the technician to get headaches, dizziness, irritation in the face and eyes, asthma, kidney and liver damage, cancer, and they can even harm an unborn baby in a pregnant woman.

These gloves also protect the nail specialists from clients’ blood. Sometimes, little cuts happen when a nail cuticle is cut too closely. With gloves, the technician is not exposed to any potential blood borne pathogens. A clients’ blood could have hepatitis B or C, HIV, and other diseases within it, which is not something you want passed along.

Besides blood borne pathogens, the gloves offer protection from other germs and bacteria. The nail technician has no idea where a client’s hands and feet were before working on them. Vice versa, the client has no idea who or what the nail technician has touched before touching him/her. The gloves protect both parties’ hands or feet from contracting a bacteria, fungus, or virus.

Now, gloves are essential, but they aren’t going to protect anyone 100 percent. Why? Well, the gloves must be put on and taken off correctly in order to do their job. The person wearing the gloves must also wash his or her hands and dispose of the gloves frequently. If the nail technician does not use a different part of gloves for each new client, there really is no point to use the gloves, at all.

It’s important for nail salons and other beauty establishments to order vinyl or nitrile gloves – there are too many people with a latex allergy. Nitrile gloves are great for nail technicians because they are strong and mold to the hand nicely.

Need to Buy Disposable Gloves in Jacksonville, Fl?

Disposable gloves aren’t just for food or medical services – they can be used in a lot of different industries where the worker is touching someone from the public. You never know where someone’s hands or feet have been – people touch dirty things/items all day long like money, doorknobs, other people, etc. When it comes to trimming, cutting, and filing, you don’t want to be exposed to bacteria and other pathogens.

If you work in the nail business, your staff should wear disposable gloves whenever you’re giving any type of manicure or pedicure. You put both parties at risk for infection or an illness if you do not wear gloves.
Disposable gloves help reduce the spread of pathogens from one person to another. Change gloves and wash your hands in between each client – the gloves will be more effective this way.

At Antimicrobial Plus Gloves, we have nitrile, polyethylene, and vinyl disposable gloves, which are all great for a nail salon setting. Our gloves are latex-free, so those with a latex allergy can safely use them.

The antimicrobial gloves protect the hands from microbial contamination. These gloves have been scientifically tested by different independent labs and have been proven to kill various pathogens.

To learn more about these gloves or to contact us, please call 888-400-4937 or visit our disposable gloves page to get more information or request a complimentary pair. Antimicrobial Plus Gloves is located in Jacksonville, Fl

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