The Benefits of Using Disposable Gloves when Working with Animals

Animals are cute and loveable, but they can also be dirty and full of germs…but so are we! Whether you work at a pet groomer, veterinarian office, research facility, laboratory, pet hospital, farm, etc., you should be wearing disposable gloves when working with animas. Disposable gloves will keep both you and the animals safe from spreading bacteria, zoonotic diseases, and pathogens to one another.

When to Use Disposable Gloves with Animals

Vinyl and nitrile gloves can help prevent the spread of bacteria and zoonotic diseases when working with animals. These types of gloves are strong and comfortable, which is good when you have to work with a lot of animals.

Whether it’s a cat or a cow, gloves can protect you from spreading diseases and germs to the animal, to yourself, or to other animals.

Horses are a great example of how and why gloves should be used when working with animals. Some horses carry the equine coronavirus, which is highly infectious and can still spread the virus weeks after originally having signs. If a person touches a sick horse with bare hands, he or she can spread the virus. The gloves protect the hands from contracting the virus and spreading it. A new pair of gloves should be used with each horse (animal), so any germs, viruses, illnesses, or diseases are not carried to the next animal.

When dealing with sick animals, it’s a good idea to tend to the healthier animals first to further reduce the chances of spreading germs.
When working with animals, gloves can help protect you, but you must wash your hands thoroughly often to help reduce the number of germs spreading.

Here are some additional ways you can use disposable gloves with animals:

  • Use disposable gloves when picking up animal waste.
  • Use disposable gloves when giving an animal medication.
  • Use disposable gloves when taking a stool sample from an animal.
  • Use disposable gloves when handling chemicals for grooming.
  • Use disposable gloves when cleaning a liter box or tank.

Need to Purchase Disposable Gloves in Jacksonville, Fl?

If you work with any type or animal domestic or farm animal, you need to protect yourself and the animals from germs by wearing protective gloves. By wearing gloves, you will help keep the animals healthy.

At Antimicrobial Plus Gloves, we have nitrile and vinyl gloves, which are ideal for a working with animals. Our gloves are latex-free. These gloves are durable and are comfortable.

Our gloves have d2p technology, which is an anti-microbial agent. The d2p is a bacteria-killing agent that penetrates the microorganism cells and not only stops them from multiplying but also kills them by disrupting metabolism. This technology won’t wear off and remains active for the full life of the glove. The d2p antimicrobial agent in these gloves not only protects your hands but has been scientifically proven to kill pathogens on contact, including mold, bacteria, algae, yeast, mildew, and fungi. So whether you’re scooping kitty litter or giving a horse an exam, you and the animal will be protected.

To learn more about these gloves or to contact us, please call 888-400-4937 or email us at glodea@glodea.com to get more information. Antimicrobial Plus Gloves is in Jacksonville, Fl

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