The History Behind Disposable Gloves

Disposable gloves have been around for a bit! Sure, they can be considered a “modern” invention, but disposable gloves have been around in the medical profession for 129 years. These days, disposable gloves are deemed as essential in the medical field, but many years ago people performed exams and surgeries with their bare (and often unwashed) hands.

Timeline of the Appearance of Disposable Gloves

Dr. William Stewart Halstead, who worked at John Hopkins, was known for his cleanliness. When his wife, who was also a nurse, Caroline Hampton, complained the chemicals used during surgery in 1889 were giving her a rash, Dr. Halstead talked to the Goodyear Rubber Co. about making rubber gloves for her hands. Before long, Dr. Halstead’s entire staff wore gloves during surgery. Back then, they used the gloves for better dexterity and weren’t even thinking about hygiene.

Five years later, surgeon John Lister was the person responsible for making gloves used during surgery sterile. In 1894, it was discovered about 50 percent of surgical patients died during surgery due to surgeons not washing their hands between surgeries. Germs, bacteria, and other pathogens were being spread from patient to patient.

Fast forward to 1941, the Ansell Rubber Co. Pty. Ltd. put more funding into research surgical glove research and by 1965 the company developed the first disposable medical gloves. They sterilized these gloves by using gamma irradiation.

Nearly 30 years later, OHSA (the Occupational Health and Safety Administration required employers to provide disposable gloves to workers who come in contact with bodily fluids. Bu the mid-1990s, nitrile gloves were developed; they have more chemical resistance than latex gloves and those with latex allergies could use and be touched by these globes.

As time goes on, the medical industry isn’t the only industry using disposable gloves. For example, food service workers and sanitation workers are all using gloves. You can thank the medical field for bringing disposable gloves into the world to make our world a healthier, safer place.

To think, a nurse with a rash started the creation of gloves in medical settings. We’re not happy she had a rash, but we’re thankful it led to this medical advancement. Without disposable gloves, many more patients would be dying from infections.

Need to Buy Disposable Medical Service Gloves in Jacksonville, Fl?

If you work in the medical industry, your staff must wear disposable gloves when giving an exam, doing a procedure, taking labs, doing a surgery, or whenever there are bodily fluids involved.

Disposable medical gloves help reduce the spread of pathogens from one person to another. Remember, it’s also important you wash your hands often and put on the gloves properly for the gloves to be effective.

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