Why You Need to Wear Gloves in a Medical Setting

What comes to mind when you think of gloves? Protection, right? Gloves’ protection is a two-way street. They protect you from potential germs and they protect what you’re touching from potential contamination. Even if you washed your hands, you need to wear gloves to fully protect yourself.

Medical settings – doctor’s offices, urgent care centers, emergency rooms, hospital rooms, lab rooms – are all exposed to germs and bacteria. People come into these places with sicknesses. It’s essential as a medical person to wear gloves to protect yourself and the patient.

In a medical setting, gloves are known as personal protect equipment (PPE). The purpose of the gloves is that it creates a barrier between germs on the patient/item and germs on your hands. By wearing gloves, germs and bacteria are far less likely to spread.

How to Use Medical Gloves Properly

At the doctor’s, the doctor may shake a patient’s hand, but when it comes to other parts of a physical examination, especially if blood, bodily fluids, broken tissue, or mucous membranes are involved, the gloves go on! The doctor isn’t just using the gloves to protect his or herself, but rather, the doctor is also protecting the patient from the germs that may or may not be lingering on his/her own hands.

In a medical facility, you will find disposable gloves all over the place. They should be available in all exam rooms or rooms where patients will be cared for. Medical personnel should make sure they find a size glove that fits them. There’s a reason why the saying is, “it fits like a glove.” You really want the glove to be snug and fit perfectly. If a glove is too loose, germs and bacteria can easily get inside. If a glove is too tight, it can easily rip.

In any setting, medical included, you never want the outside of the glove to touch your hands. The outside of the glove is contaminated. Ever seen a medical professional remove his/her gloves? They have a special method. You want to grab the top of one glove with the other hand. Then, pull the glove towards the fingertips, which makes the glove turn inside out. You are now holding the glove in your remaining gloved hand. Next, put two of your bare-handed fingers under the wrist of the gloved hand. Make sure you never touch the outside of the glove. Peel the glove downwards towards the fingertips, which till turn the glove inside out. Continue to put into this glove goes completely over the other inside-out glove. Then, throw in the garbage or waste container.

In a medical facility, personnel will always use a new pair of gloves on every patient. It is also essential that medical personnel wash their hands in between patients, as well, to avoid any passing of germs.

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